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Now that Summer is just around the corner, does that have you thinking of taking on a home renovation project? Are you looking to extend or update your backyard to make it more entertainment friendly? Want to liven-up your living room? Giving your home a much needed refresh is always a good idea – especially if you’re thinking of selling your home.

Whether you are planning a home renovation project for the first time – or the first time in a while – be sure to follow these tips before starting your renovation project to ensure it runs safely, smoothly and on budget.

Assemble a Good Team

Cheaper isn’t always better, neither is the most expensive.

Do some research like chatting with their past clients to make sure there are no red flags, asking to see examples of recently completed projects to make sure they have a proven track record. Look for professionals that come highly rated, well-regarded and positively reviewe and  be sure to get a multiple quotes from different contractors/professionals.

Don’t Underestimate the Cost

Refrain from setting extremely low budgets for a major home renovation project.

For example, if you’re planning a full-kitchen renovation factor in the costs of hiring for electrical, plumbing and gas experts. If you’re planning on upgrading to high-end finishes, don’t forget to factor in those costs.

Set a Realistic Budget

Don’t compare your home to those on HGTV or any other renovation show. Nobody renovates their kitchen, never mind their entire home, all within two weeks. Consider why you want the renovation and what problem it will resolve. Answering these questions first about the scope of the project will help you get a better idea of what needs to be done and what budget you can afford.

Keep Perspective and Be Patient

Home renovations take time, and things often don’t go as planned. It can be a super stressful process, especially when your budget and timelines get squeezed.

If the going gets tough, try to visualize the end result: you’ll have a home that you’ll love.


John Siarkas

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