Compare Listings

6 Simple Steps

We Remove The Stress and You Enjoy The Experience.

Meet In Person & Talk About Your Home

What made you choose to live in your home? What do you love about it? We position your property in its finest light to showcase its true value, so we need to know what makes it so special.


Determine A Price

We know how much your home means to you so we want to be on the same page about everything, including the price. We’ll work together to decide on a price that is both competitive and market driven. We've worked with many different types of properties so we’ll know exactly how much you can expect to receive for your home.

Prepare Your Home For Showings

Once we decide on a price, we’ll do a walk-through of your home. We’ll point out what needs to be done before there are thousands of eyes viewing it. If necessary, we’ll bring in a home stager to do the staging for you. Once the home is prepped, we'll have our professional photographer take HD photos, drone footage, and video footage for your personal listing video. These will help showcase your home in the best light possible!


Promote Your Home With Extensive Marketing

We understand what Buyer’s in this Market are looking for, and we strive to deliver that in our advertising and marketing materials. Our attention to detail, strong creative work, and innovative marketing strategies are instrumental in selling your home for top dollar.

Our Marketing Strategy

Host An Effective Open House

Strategically planned based on your property type, location, and style, to yield the greatest results. With every Open House, we aim to create a buzz and energy that will generate a sense of urgency and potential fear of loss if Buyers don't act on their interest in your home. This is successfully executed through effective digital and traditional marketing (to ensure the Open House is well attended) and providing all guests with a great experience.


Close & Celebrate!

We have preferred partners to handle your Mortgage, Home Inspectors and Legal Closing Services to make sure the closing of your home goes smoothly. Then we celebrate!