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The Greenbelt is now open for business

The Ford Government recently announced plans to move ahead with additional housing development in the previously untouchable Greenbelt. A list of the specific parts of the Greenbelt the government wants developers to build homes on is below:

  • King Township: east of Dufferin Street, south of Miller’s Sideroad and west of Bathurst Street.
  • Vaughan: north of Teston Road, east of Pine Valley Drive.
  • Richmond Hill: east of Leslie Street, north of Elgin Mills Road East and west of Highway 404.
  • Whitchurch-Stouffville: 11861 and 12045 McCowan Road.
  • Markham: 5474 19th Avenue.
  • 10325, 10378 and 10541 Highway 48.
  • 10379 Kennedy Road.
  • Pickering: West of West Duffins Creek, between Highway 407 and the CP Belleville rail line.
  • Ajax: 765 and 775 Kingston Road East.
  • Clarington: Northwest corner of Nash Road and Hancock Road.
  • Hamilton: South of Garner Road West, between Fiddlers Green Road and Shaver Road.
  • Hamilton: Between White Church Road East and Chippewa Road East, from Miles Road to Upper James Street.
  • Grimsby: Between the GO rail line and Main Street West, from Oakes Road North to Kelson Avenue North.
  • 502 Winston Road.
  • Hamilton: 331 and 339 Fifty Road.

The full government proposal can be accessed at this link. The province wants to see 50,000 new homes built on the above list of land tracts. The government will offset the loss of the land by expanding the Greenbelt in other areas by 2,000 acres. Ford pointed to increased immigration targets by the federal government as the rationale for the decision, claiming that the influx will make the existing housing crisis far worse. The provincial government now sees no other option but to access land in the Greenbelt. In February of last year, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark said the following on the Greenbelt: “I want to be clear: we will not in any way entertain any proposals that will move lands in the Greenbelt, or open the Greenbelt lands to any kind of development.” Either the housing crisis has become even more acute, or the government was waiting to win the 22′ election on this big move.


John Siarkas

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